Love INC (Love In the Name of Christ)
Love INC of Benton County was established on January 15, 2001 by CitiChurch of Corvallis, Oregon, a network of 40 local evangelical churches who are working together to have a positive impact in our community.
Love INC networks with local churches, church volunteers and community agencies to help people meet needs. We enable Christian volunteers who are motivated by God's love and Jesus' example of ministering to others to pool their time, talent and resources to respond to needs within our community. We also work with local community partners to maximize the assistance available to the disadvantaged in Benton County.

SouthSide Youth Outreach
The mission of SSYO is to aid youth of all ages with educational, emotional, physical, material and spiritual support that they may reach a productive, responsible, positive and caring adulthood.

Friends of Internationals
An outreach to international students at Oregon State University.

Heart of the Valley House of Prayer
Ministering to God through sustained prayer, music and art